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Södra teatern

Handy hints

Box office hours
The box office is usually open Monday-Friday and in accordance with events taking place on The Main Stage (Stora Scen). Our box office at Kägelbanan is usually open from one hour before the commencement of an event. See full opening hours here.

Locating Södra Teatern
Södra Teatern is situated on Mosebacke Torg in Södermalm, Stockholm.

Public Transport: Take the underground train (Tunnelbanan) to Slussen station, and then follow the exit to Hökens Gata.

When you arrive at street level you will be on Götgatan. Turn left and you will almost immediately see the first street on your left, Hökens Gata. Follow this street for approximately five minutes and you will arrive at Mosebacke Torg. Yes, Södra Teatern is the gorgeous golden hued building on your immediate left when you reach the square!

Södra Teatern’s stage Kägelbanan lies behind the main golden building. Walk through the archway and follow the path to a stairway that will lead you to the entrance. Alternatively, you can take the stairway up from Klevgränd.

Perhaps you are driving? The best route is to approach Östgötagatan and drive straight up to Mosebacke Torg.

Map of Södra Teatern.

Map of Södra Teatern.

Is it permitted to take photographs of concerts?
Cameras and recording devices are strictly prohibited at our events. If you are a member of the press please contact us at

May I smoke at Södra Teatern?
Smoking is strictly prohibited inside Södra Teatern. We kindly ask you to step outside to smoke.

Age Limitations
At our Main Stage you are often welcome to attend our events regardless of age, with the exception of loud concerts in which case you will need to be over 13 years of age. You are also able to attend any of our discussion & debate events.

Concerts at Kägelbanan, Södra Bar and Mosebacke Etablissement have an age limitation of 18 years and over. If you are under the age of 18 and wish to go to a concert at Kägelbanan you must be accompanied by your legal guardian. Your guardian should be able to produce ID and must stay with you throughout the concert. Moreover you are both required to leave directly after the concert has finished.

Clubs have an age limitation of 20 years and over. Usually this also applies to ”after-party admissions”, a lower admission fee that is implemented once a concert is over.

Outdoor concerts at Mosebacketerrassen have an age limitation of 13 years and over.

Södra Teatern for hire!
Looking for a gorgeous locale to host your wedding? Perhaps you would like to hold your business conference in an elevated atmosphere? Birthday party? Book launch? We have superb spaces here at Södra Teatern and we cordially invite you to explore the locales we have available to hire.

For booking inquiries please contact our Sales Manager, Therese Granberg:

Accomodations near Södra Teatern
There are several hostels and hotels situated near Södra Teatern. You can find most of them on Stockholms official visitor guide.

Accessibility to Södra Teatern
Access from Götgatan via Hökens Gata can be challenging, as Hökens Gata has a fairly steep incline. For smoother access, we recommend taking the lift located outside Slussen station in connection to the restaurant Gondolen. This is connected to an overpass which leads you directly to Mosebacke Torg.

For wheelchair access to Södra Teatern, there is a side entrance located to the right of the main entrance. This entrance leads to a lift (110*160 cm, doorwidth 80 cm) which stops at The Main Stage. Södra Bar, Sjuan and Kägelbanan. Wheelchair accessible toilets (2 support bars, doorwidth 85 cm) can be located next to the lift on the fifth floor or next to the cloakroom at Kägelbanan.

Would you like assistance? Please contact us in advance so that we may have a member of staff meet you and show you to your seat. Telephone: (+46) (0)8 531 99 490 or write to

Wheelchair Reservations at our stages
For events at our Main Stage we recommend that you book your tickets via our Box Office so that you may be certain you are booking a place that has good access.

Kägelbanan and Södra Bar are general admission venues, and patrons often stand. However, if you would like assistance we will help you find the best place possible for your wheelchair. Please contact us in advance so that we may have a member of staff meet you and show you to your seat.
Telephone: +46 (0)8 531 99 490 or write to

Tickets for your wheelchair and assistant
Naturally, you have complete access to the aisle seat that you have booked. If you prefer to sit in your wheelchair, your seat will then be made available to a friend/assistant at no extra cost. If however, you wish to use the chair (consequently giving up your wheelchair) and you require a second seat for your friend/assistant then you must buy tickets for two seats.