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Södra teatern


A flexible space for up to 685 guests

Kägelbanan is not available to rent after June 15, 2019.

Kägelbanan, located directly beneath the Mosebacke Terrace, is perfectly suited for seminars and lectures. For large-scale events, the two halves of the space can be used simultaneously for a total capacity of up to 685 people. Alternately, the bigger room or smaller room of the venue can be closed off when not needed.

Lilla Kägelbanan (the smaller room) can be furnished according to your needs – lecture stage, mingle party, seated dinner buffet or dancefloor. The little wing does not have a fixed stage, but two modular stages that can be placed according to specification or removed altogether when a larger floor space is required. The room is equipped with a fixed PA rig, as well as a mobile DJ rig, bar and green room.

Stora Kägelbanan (the bigger room) has got a fixed live stage. The audience space is comprised of a standing floor in front of the stage. In connection to the room you find dressing rooms and a bar.

Kägelbanan was opened in 1887 and is the largest space in Södra Teatern. Stylishly decorated cast-iron pillars and large north-facing window sections gives a lot of character to the venue, that is most commonly used for club nights and concerts, but also for smaller happenings like debates, conferences, launch events and private parties.

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Download blueprint here.

Stora Kägelbanan (the bigger room):

Mingle: approx. 430 people

Seated: 220 people

Seated at tables: 162 people

Lilla Kägelbanan (the smaller room):

Mingle: approx. 250 people

Seated: approx. 100 people

Seated at tables: 96 people

Stora Kägelbanan (the bigger room):
Live stage in the back end
Width up to 5 m
Depth up to 4,5 m
PA – as standard: 2x1kw. 24 channel mixer. 4 channel monitor.
Effective fixed light rig.

Smaller stage placed along the wall
Width up to 4 m
Depth up to 2 m
PA – 2 x Mackie 350 speakers

Lilla Kägelbanan (the smaller room):
Width: 7 m, stage opening 5,5 m
Depth: 5,2 m
Height: 4 m to ceiling. Approx, 3,6 m to fixed ceiling rig.

Via the courtyard at Urvädersgränd: Ca 15 m rolling/lifting to elevator, then 20-40 m roll/lift depending on end destination.
Elevator depth 1,6 m, width 1,0 m, height 2,0 m.
Alternate load in: Outdoor stairs (ca 7 m) from Klevgränd to the Kägelbanan entrance.

Green room: ca 17 sq m with 2 x WC, shower and sauna.
Make-up lounge: ca 16 sq m with 8 seats, 2 x WC and shower.