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Södra teatern

Stora Scen (Main stage)

The heart of Södra Teatern

Stora Scen (the main stage) is a beautiful, intimate theatre venue from 1859 – Sweden’s oldest active privately run theatre. The interiors are decorated with classical green and gold ornaments, red velvet chairs and a majestic chandelier. In total, the room holds 418 numbered seats, spread across the parquet and two balconies.

Throughout the years, everyone from Swedish national troubadour Evert Taube to alternative rock star Nick Cave has performed here, and in 1982 it was used as the locale for the theatre scenes in Ingmar Bergman‘s Academy Award-winning Fanny and Alexander.

The parquet holds 248 seats
First balcony holds 82 seats
Second balcony holds 84 seats

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A total of 418 numbered seats are available. No additional seats may be added. The side boxes cannot be used for seating of audience or participants, as these are stricly reserved for stagecraft uses.

Width: 7 metres (between between backdrops in standard position), 11 metres wall to wall. Depth: 9 metres to cyclorama, 10 metres to back wall. Opening width: 6,65 metres. Height to front stage valance: 4,5 metres. Height to catwalk: 12 metres. Black backdrops. The theatre has no in-house stage decor.

Length: 5,1 metres, width: 1,8 metres, height: 2,5 metres. Longest diagonal: 5,9 metres.