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Södra teatern

Main stage

Södra Teatern’s Main Stage (Stora Scen) is an illustrious auditorium that hails from 1859. Red velvet seating, ornate gold furnishings and a majestic chandelier are just a few details of this highly revered space. A popular stage for theatre, concerts, and even weddings and conferences!

There are 414 numbered, fixed seats in the auditorium. It is not possible to arrange extra seating. The proscenium boxes are not available for use by members of the public as they are strictly reserved for technical purposes.

Breadth – 7 m between maskings in standard position (circa 11 m wall to wall).
Depth – 9 m to cyclorama. 10 m to the back wall.
Proscenium opening – width, 6,65 m
Height to teaser – 4,5 m
Height to flybar – 12 m

Black masking + black or white cyclorama
A black training mat is available
We do not carry stock scenery.

Small bench row 0 + circa 190 cm in the centre
Medium bench row 0+1 + circa 280 cm in the centre
Large bench row 0+1+2 + circa 370 cm in the centre
The stage can be extended, please note however, that such extensions will mean that between 13 -42 seats in the front rows must be disassembled. If the operation of the spot is required, 2 seats in the front row will be disassembled.

Length 5,1 m
Breadth 1,8 m
Height 2,5 m
Diagonal 5,9 m

Building plan in PDF