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Södra teatern

Midsummer at Södran

(Non)traditional Midsummer Celebration with Miss Inga & Helga!

One of our most beloved holiday is approaching! Midsummer Eve at Södra Teatern is for anyone who stays in town and wants to celebrate with something extra extra.

Everyone – old as young, traditionalist or not, families with children, tourists and retirees – all are wlecome to attend our beautiful Midsummer Eve’s celebration. We handpick the best bits of the classic Swedish Midsummer and add our own unexpected twists.

At noon we start the decoration of our maypole. Around 2pm the dancing begins. Hosts are drag queen Miss Inga with our own German CEO and artistic director Ingmari ”Helga” Pagenkemper.

Our restaurant Mosebacke Etablissement offers a three course Midsummer Eve’s menu.

(Vegetarian / Vegan 495 SEK)
Starter: Ceviche, sweet potatoes, avocado, mango, chili, cilantro
Main dish: Fried broccoli, cashew, coconut, broccoli purée (gluten free)
Dessert: Strawberry sorbet, strawberries, crumbs

(Non vegetarian 595 SEK)
Starter: Pickled herring from Norröna, boiled egg, browned butter, sour cream
Main dish: Grilled steak, truffle mayonnaise, early summer salad
Dessert: Sponge cake, strawberries, whipped cream

Book a table via and select your preferred time:
12.00–14.00 • 14.30–16.30 • 17.00–19.00 • 19.30–21.30