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Södra teatern
Konsert / Releasefest


First Contact release party

HoW Music Group bjuder i samarbete med RYOULIVE och Södra Teatern in till releasefest för Us debutalbum “First Contact”.

Us are the Scottish-Swedish duo of ex-Geneva singer Andrew Montgomery and Lowe frontman Leo Josefsson, whose dark and beautiful electronic pop provides an epic sound world to lose yourself in.

On May 17, the Stockholm-based duo release their eagerly awaited debut album ‘First Contact’, 11 filmic electronic pop songs that mine the depths and scrape the skies of emotion. ‘First Contact’ features underground hits ‘Mute’ and ‘Voyager’, as well as tracks that are soon-to-be essential listening, such as ‘Technicolor’, ‘In Denial’, ‘As a Child’ and ‘Never Get Over’.

There are plenty of electronic acts out there, but no-one is making such heart-rending, soul-stirring electronic saga-songs like Us.

Time to bring Us into your life. Time to make ‘First Contact’.

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